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A beautiful smile is your business card. Dental care is given significant attention around the world, with professional cleaning and dental disease prevention at the centre. Bad breath, unhealthy and loose teeth, and bleeding gums are the result of dental caries, periodontitis or gingivitis.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Even with healthy teeth, it is difficult to keep them clean with a toothbrush, and good oral hygiene becomes even more complicated and meticulousness for those who have braces, prostheses or implants. That is why you should have your teeth cleaned professionally on a regular basis.

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During a cleaning appointment, the dental hygienist will:
− remove hard and soft plaque, microorganisms and toxins from all of the tooth surfaces and periodontal pockets with an ultrasonic scaler, hand instruments and air abrasion;
− polish your teeth with special brushes, rubber disks and polishing paste. Polished tooth surfaces are more resistant to tooth decay, plaque and tartar;
− explain proper tooth brushing technique;
− help you select the right toothpaste and rinse;
− perform a general dental exam and prescribe further treatment if necessary.

Professional Cleaning with Tooth- or Implant-Supported Dental Prosthesis

There is often a misconception that dental prostheses and implants do not require the same diligent care as natural teeth. In fact, plaque tends to accumulate even more on prostheses than on natural teeth, so oral hygiene must be done with particular care if you have them.

Prostheses attached to implants require special care, since if plaque is not cleaned properly, an inflammation can appear around the implant; if this inflammation spreads into deeper tissues, peri-implantitis can develop, which can lead to loss of the implant.


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