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Sedation (partial anaesthesia) is a drug-induced state of partial consciousness characterized by a sleepy nature or a sleep that the patient can easily be awakened from. Sedation helps avoid stress and phobias and to relax. The patient stops worrying about what’s happening around them and will partially or completely forget the operation. A calm and relaxed patient provides the optimal conditions for a surgeon to focus on the operation.

Immediately after the operation, the patient will regain consciousness but will still feel sleepy and somewhat uncoordinated for some time and may have difficulty focusing or remembering certain parts of the operation. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to drive after sedation, and the patient will need a person to accompany them from the hospital. Planning important meetings, tests or other important activities during the remainder of that day is not recommended.

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If you have any serious health issues, allergies, or use certain drugs on a consistent basis, tell your physician during the consultation before the operation.

On the day of your operation, do not eat for 6 hours and do not drink for 4 hours before the operation. Dress comfortably in non-restricting clothes with sleeves that are easy to roll up (this is needed for venal catheterisation).

Sedation will be administered by an anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist who will observe the patient throughout the entire procedure. The VIC clinic has a license and all of the modern tools needed to safely perform sedation.


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