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Modern dental prostheses are used to restore missing teeth and masticatory function, as well as an aesthetic, beautiful smile. People are given back the ability to enjoy life, without thinking about their teeth. Each and every one of our patients has personally experienced both the practical and aesthetic benefits of dental prosthesis.
During initial consultation, a comprehensive treatment plan is put together for the patient’s individual situation. This plan discusses in detail the patient’s dental health and various dental restoration methods, and assesses the individual stages and duration of treatment. Where necessary, X-rays, computer analysis and other tests are carried out. This is how the most suitable method of treatment is selected.

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CEREC Digital Dental Prosthetics

CEREC is a computer-aided design system that makes it possible to perform high-quality, precision zirconium oxide ceramic restorations in one day (the patient comes to the clinic twice on the same day).
CEREC products – inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges and veneers – stand out for their strength, durability, aesthetics, metal-free design, precision and speed, which is very convenient for the patient. Using the CEREC system, you do not have to take an impression like you used to, since all of the information is obtained by scanning the tooth with an intraoral camera. Compared with traditional techniques, this significantly reduces the likelihood of making mistakes; it is also extremely relevant for patients with a pronounced gag reflex, since they no longer have to take an impression with a bulky mould.

We scan the teeth with an Omnicam intraoral camera, and the data is sent to a computer. The computer then creates a 3D image of the patient’s teeth on the computer screen and generates the future restoration. We can adjust the computer-generated restoration according to the patient’s needs. Once the restoration material and colour is selected, the information is sent to the milling machine. After the dental prosthesis is processed, we fit it and cement it in the mouth.

CEREC technology makes it possible to produce high-precision ceramic restorations and restore teeth to function and beauty. In many cases, we recommend that our patients replace fillings (especially in molars) with CEREC porcelain restorations, since they are more accurate, functional and long-lasting.
Dental prosthesis with CEREC technology can usually be done in just one day. This greatly supplements conventional prosthetics and expands its possibilities.

The Main Types of Dental Prostheses

Complete removable prostheses – these are for patients who have lost all of their teeth in the lower and/or upper dental arch. Anchoring removable dental prostheses to several implants improves their hold considerably.
Non-removable (fixed) prostheses – these are dental prostheses (crowns, partial crowns, veneers, bridges on teeth or implants) that are cemented or screwed to the remaining natural teeth or dental implants; they cannot be removed by the patient. These dental prostheses are meant to imitate the feeling of natural teeth.
Aesthetic dental prostheses – this solution can be used when conservative techniques (aesthetic filling, tooth whitening) are ineffective or insufficient to restore a beautiful and functionally stable smile. Aesthetic restoration is often necessary for worn teeth. Aesthetic dental prosthetics ensure the stability and longevity of results achieved during dental treatment.
Porcelain laminate veneers – modern dentistry aims to make dental prosthetics as minimally invasive and aesthetic as possible, i.e. so that the hue, translucency and shape are similar to that of the natural tooth.

For patients who want to restore a beautiful and harmonious smile, we offer glass-ceramic laminate veneers. These can be as thin as 0.2 mm, so only minimal tooth enamel has to be removed and a major portion of the dental tissue is preserved. If the existing tooth colour or shape needs to be corrected, the thickness of the veneers can be increased up to 0.5 mm. For comparison: standard metal ceramic and zirconia ceramic crowns require the tooth to be shaved down by 1.5-2 mm.

Veneer production takes about two weeks (during which the patient is fitted with temporary veneers). Before beginning the process, preparatory treatment is necessary which takes 2-3 weeks. During this period, diagnosis of the face and smile is performed, the restoration is planned, and a wax-up is made. The wax-up is used as a guide for trimming and facilitates the dentist’s work; it also makes it possible to show the patient how the teeth will look “in the mouth” before even starting, so changes in shape, length and so on are very simple and fast.

Patients often ask what the advantages of veneers are over bonding. If we want to change the shape and colour of the tooth, it has to be trimmed a bit during bonding as well, but in the long term, the filling (composite) will begin to change colour, become opaque and no longer look nice. It is also very hard to create natural tooth translucency with bonding. For this reason, we do not recommend bonding for patients who are looking for a long-lasting beautiful smile.

In order to ensure the longevity of implant treatment and dental prosthesis, we emphasize to patients the importance of oral hygiene and recommend that they see a dental hygienist on a regular basis. At VIC Clinic, we stand behind our implants – each patient receives an implant passport which provides a 5-year warranty for implants placed and cared for at our clinic, with the option to extend.

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Mouth guards

Once restoration with ceramic dental prostheses is complete, we recommend patients wear a night guard to prevent the ceramic from cracking.
Patients can receive more detailed information during consultation and presentation of the treatment plan. It must be understood that each case is different and the method of dental prosthesis is selected for each client individually.

Joint efforts, mutual trust and cooperation yield the best results and create a lovely smile that will brighten everyone’s day


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