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At our clinic, dental implants are only performed by experienced doctors who:
– keep up to date with dental implant innovations,
– develop new techniques and present them at global conferences,
– use the most advanced treatment methods in practice.

Our knowledgeable specialists, top-quality dental implants, cutting edge equipment and flexible payment methods will ensure that a beautiful, healthy smile is within your reach!

Dental Implants: How and Why?

Dental implants are used to restore natural teeth that have been lost for a variety of reasons. During the placement of dental implants, the healthy teeth next to them are not disturbed, as they would have been with the old method of inserting a dental bridge.

With a dental implant:
– the jawbone receives stimulation and does not resorb,
– the chewing function is fully restored,
– facial aesthetics are preserved.

Dental implants are usually made of titanium, which ensures that the implant will take root easily. Statistical surveys that have been carried out over nine year with implants made by different manufacturers show a dental implant rejection rate of just 3.4 per cent, which is equivalent to the likelihood of losing your tooth.
We use Straumann Roxolid dental implants, which are made of a titanium-zirconium alloy. These implants demonstrate even better patient treatment acceptance and are 30 per cent stronger. The loss probability for Straumann implants is 6 to 60 times lower than the average of the other manufacturers that participated in the study.

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The success of dental implants depends on the following factors:
– the patient’s overall health (smokers and diabetics are at a higher risk),
– bone and gingival tissue thickness,
– oral hygiene,
– the doctor’s qualifications,
– the treatment method,
– the implant used.

Normally, it is safest to begin the prosthetic phase and completely restore the tooth 6-8 weeks after the implant is placed. However, with Straumann Roxolid SLActive implants, the prosthetic phase can already begin in 3-4 weeks.
In a favourable clinical situation, dental implants can be inserted immediately after tooth removal, which saves you time and an extra trip to the dentist. If possible, a temporary crown is immediately fitted on the implant, allowing the patient to enjoy a nice, new tooth the very same day.
New generation dental implants make it possible even for people with completely toothless jaws to get a healthy smile back. With the Straumann Pro Arch technique, we use from four to eight implants for the reconstruction of one smile arc and attach non-removable prosthesis to them.
The look and feel of this kind of prosthesis is like living with your natural teeth. A solution which requires fewer implants means that the procedure is both simpler and less expensive.


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